Month: December 2017

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How to Revoke a Family Trust

Creating a Florida family trust is a great way to provide for your family members after your passing, and helps avoid the delays, costs, and potential drama of probate court, while also allowing the grantor of a trust to ensure that property goes toward specific purposes, such as education or health costs. But there are […]

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What Does Intestate Mean?

A common word you might hear around discussion of wills and passings is “intestate.” The word can be used as an adjective to describe a situation where a person dies without a valid will in place (“She died intestate”) or it might be used to describe the deceased person specifically. Closely related is the word […]

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Five Times You Should Update Your Will

If you have a will in place, then you have already taken one of the most important steps to begin your estate planning. But a will that you create when you are younger may not cover all the issues that could arise in later years as the people and property in your life change. Updating […]

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