Month: January 2018

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Will My Ex-spouse Inherit From My Will in Florida?

In a previous post, we talked about the Five Times You Should Update Your Will. One of the life events mentioned is when a person gets divorce. Here, we’ll speak more in detail about how your will is affected in Florida when you get a divorce. Speak to a Florida wills attorney for specific guidance […]

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Who Inherits When a Parent Dies Without a Will in Florida?

Even with all of the many strong reasons to create a will, it of course happens that a parent who avoids creating a will sometimes pass on, leaving their family in confusion about what happens next. Below are a few of the basics about who inherits when a parent dies without a will in Florida. […]

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The Dangers of Online DIY Will Services Like LegalZoom

Most people understand that a will is critical for all adults. Without one, your assets will likely go into a probate court, an often long and expensive process by which a court will distribute your assets according to state law (and in spite of whatever wishes or statements you had made regarding distribution), while your […]

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The Probate Process in Florida

When a person dies with assets that are not all automatically transferred to beneficiaries via an estate planning tool such as a living trust or life insurance, those assets will generally need to be distributed to the beneficiaries through the probate process. This is the case regardless of whether the deceased had a will in […]

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