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Probate administration possible without a will

When people in Florida pass away without wills, their surviving loved ones become preoccupied with figuring out how to distribute or transfer their property. This typically requires going through the probate process. Here is a glimpse at what the probate administration process involves when someone passes away with no will.

Probate administration process is multifaceted for will executor

Those who have been chosen to serve as the executors for other people's wills have an enormous amount of responsibility. Therefore, although being appointed as an executor is generally an honor, as people typically choose trustworthy individuals to serve in this capacity, the role can also be confusing. Here is a look at what an executor's role is during the probate administration process in Florida.

Probate administration process involves multiple steps

When family members lose a loved one, they naturally may have a hard time coping with the death from an emotional standpoint. However, dealing with the legal aspects of their loved one's passing can also be complicated. Here is a look at what the probate administration process involves in Florida and a timeline for completing it.

Probate administration process has both pros and cons

When people pass away, their assets will end up in someone's hands. The question is, whose? Probate is the process through which deceased individuals' estates are distributed to other parties based on the instructions provided in the deceased's estate plans, or according to state law if the deceased left behind no estate plans. Here is a look at what the probate administration process involves, as well as the pros and cons of this legal process in Florida.

Probate administration involves multiple steps in Florida

When a loved one passes away, his or her estate must be settled. This process is called probate -- the purpose of which has remained the same despite the fact that probate laws and customs have changed over the years. Here is a glimpse at how probate administration works in Florida.

Probate administration can inherently be complex

The loss of a loved one in Florida can understandably be difficult to cope with emotionally. However, it can be just as challenging financially, as the deceased loved one's estate must be distributed. This legal process is known as probate administration.

Probate administration involves handling of debts

Settling a deceased loved one's affairs in Florida can certainly be challenging. After all, family members must sort out how to handle the deceased party's estate and debts, all while grieving over his or her loss. Here is a look specifically at how debts owed are handled during probate administration.

No estate plan can complicate probate administration

After the passing of a family member, many Florida residents may wait to learn what the contents of an estate plan may have held. Some individuals may receive a shock when they learn that their loved ones did not create an estate plan. Now, the probate administration processes will have to follow intestate laws in order to distribute the decedents' assets.

Probate administration involving wills can be complex

People in Florida generally use wills to highlight their preferences regarding what should happen to their assets when they pass away. Wills are essentially instruction booklets for probate courts to use. Here is a look at what role a will plays in probate administration following the death of an asset owner.

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