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On the Side of FL Businesses

Florida businesses – whether they are small Mom ‘n’ Pop operations or corporations reaching the needs of people across the state – are the lifeblood of our economy and often the pillars of our communities, both in Okaloosa County and throughout the state. The business and corporate legal team at the office of Ryan M. Mynard, Attorney at Law, P.A., have worked with businesses of all sizes across Florida for over 15 years in helping them meet formation requirements that fit their needs, fulfill state and federal obligations, enter into all types of transactions, and effectively resolve disputes with competitors, business partners government authorities, and others in their favor.

Guidance in Transactional Matters

Whether you are seeking out initial guidance in what the proper form for your business should be (e.g. a limited liability partnership vs. a S corp), or are entering into negotiations to sell your business in a merger and acquisition transaction, Mr. Mynard and his team have the experience and wealth of knowledge regarding state and federal business law to work towards positive, lucrative outcomes in your business affairs while ensuring you are in compliance with all regulations.

In addition to counseling businesses formation, sale, and other milestones, Mr. Mynard and his team provide ongoing counsel to corporations, partnerships, and solo ventures in all types of transactions – including drafting, negotiating, and finalizing agreements – as well as in corporate governance matters, including overseeing board and shareholder meetings.

A Litigator on Your Business’ Behalf

Most businesses with robust operations will eventually run into a legal dispute which requires them to either assert a litigation claim in state or federal court or defend against such a claim. Mr. Mynard has significant and experience in both aggressively pursuing business claims on behalf of businesses across Florida as well as providing strong defense to businesses facing claims, including personal injury claims, contract and business tort claims, and all other claims relevant to a business’ bottom line.

With a rich history of defending and pursuing the interests of businesses across Okaloosa County and throughout Florida, Mr. Mynard can work with your business from the first sign of a dispute to fully analyze your potential rights and obligations, determine what legal strategies are best for your business’ interests and budget, and decisively take the legal steps necessary – including going to trial – to honor and defend those interests.