Whether you are considering pursuing a lawsuit or have been named in a suit, we can help. Contact our offices today to begin assessing your best strategies for success.

An Experienced Litigator

Attorney Ryan Mynard has been fighting on behalf of individuals and businesses in Okaloosa and Walton Counties, and across the state of Florida, for well over 15 years. While few people relish the thought of going to court, sometimes resolving disputes via the state and federal courts is the best and/or only option available, and Mr. Mynard and his team are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to make the civil litigation process as beneficial and rewarding as possible while at the same time minimizing the cost and burden to his clients. Whether you face a business or personal dispute, Mr. Mynard and his team have the skills to effectively fight on your behalf to work toward the result you deserve.

Counsel in Business Disputes

Businesses of all shapes and sizes – from startups to large corporations – face legal challenges in the courts from competitors, customers, suppliers, partners, and state, local, and federal authorities. Mr. Mynard and his team have amassed significant experience in successfully litigating on behalf of a wide spectrum of businesses in both pursuing and defending against all types of business dispute claims, and will bring that same level of commitment to meeting your business’ needs.

Understanding that different businesses have different budgets and types of disputes, Mr. Mynard and his team will work with your business from the first sign of a potential dispute to assess your exposure and rewards in litigation and works towards a litigation plan that not only maximizes your business’ chances of success but also fits your budget.

At Your Side in Personal Matters

The litigation team at Ryan M. Mynard, Attorney at Law, P.A. also works with individuals across Florida in pursuing and defending against lawsuits and other legal actions, including in probate, guardianship, and family law matters. In probate, the team represents parties whose interests are affected by the distribution of wills and other testamentary matters, and will work to ensure that your property rights are fully asserted and properly litigated in all inheritance disputes and related matters.  

In the area of family law, Mr. Mynard and his team represents men and women across Florida in all issues related to divorce and child issues, including: negotiating and finalizing divorce agreements; contesting property distribution matters in divorce; negotiating and/or modifying alimony matters; creating and/or modifying child support agreements; and negotiating and/or litigating custody/timesharing matters.