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Guidance in all Matters

For many residents in Florida, real estate holdings are both the primary source of wealth as well as security for the years and decades to come. Which is why it so important to work with a real estate attorney whom you can trust to be ever mindful of your long-term interests and who has the experience and legal skills to effectively achieve your goals in all real estate matters. The real estate team at the office of Ryan M. Mynard, Attorney at Law, P.A., has worked with homeowners and families across Okaloosa and Walton counties – and indeed across Florida – for over 15 years in all real estate matters, helping them to build and preserve wealth while limiting obligations and risk.

Counsel in Real Estate Purchases

Real estate purchases for business, residential, or purely investment purposes often involve large outlays of cash, complicated financing agreements, ongoing covenants between purchasers and sellers, and a host of other state and local requirements that must be fulfilled. Mr. Mynard and his team work with buyers and sellers of residential and commercial real estate in Florida in ensuring that all legal risks and obligations are accounted for in a proposed transaction and dealt with accordingly.

Special care is given to developing, negotiating, and/or finalizing a purchase and sale agreement that meets your respective needs in a real estate transaction and provides ongoing protection of your interests for the years to come. Mr. Mynard and his team also provide oversight, counsel, and related services in managing mortgage and escrow agreements as well as transfers of deeds and other relevant matters.

Protecting Your Greatest Investment

The purchase or sale of a real estate property is often only the beginning of legal issues that may arise with a given property, and Mr. Mynard and his real estate team provide ongoing, consistent legal counsel and representation to owners and landlords with regard to various matters that affect their real estate investment, including: 1) covenants and easements on the land; 2) competing claimants; 3) disputes over mortgage repayment; 4) additional mortgages/financing; and 5) foreclosure.

The real estate team also provides ongoing legal services to landlords across Florida, ranging from developing and negotiating lease agreements with tenants; handling eviction and late payment proceedings; meeting state, local, and federal requirements and obligations for rental properties; selling the property; handling repair and constructive eviction disputes; and all other matters.