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Estate planning can benefit pets, too

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2018 | Estate Planning |

People in Florida typically hope for the best but plan for the worst in their own lives. However, they often forget to do the same for their beloved pets, too. Here is a glimpse at what pet owners in Florida can do for their furry friends as part of the estate planning process.

First, pet owners can account for their pets in their wills. For example, they can leave their pets — along with some money for taking care of the pets — to trusted caretakers. Providing for pets in wills is a lot like distributing jewelry, furniture or artwork through a will, as a pet is essentially an asset.

Rather than putting together wills, some pet owners may wish to set up pet trusts instead. These documents are more complex to produce, but they do give pet owners more control when it comes to caring for their pets. Specifically, they can set up plans that mirror how they would care for their human sons and daughters rather than mere pieces of property.

People often prefer not to engage in estate planning, as it seems like a morbid topic. However, failing to plan for the future may mean that one’s assets end up in unintended hands. In the case of pets, it may mean that a person’s pets may not be taken care of as desired. An attorney in Florida can provide the necessary guidance for developing a sound estate plan that reflects one’s wishes and the best interests of one’s pets long term.

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