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Establishing Guardianship In Florida

To take care of an elderly loved one or a family member with a disability, it may become necessary to establish guardianship.

At Ryan M. Mynard, Attorney at Law, P.A., we have extensive experience in guardianships, elder law and related matters. If you have a loved one who is unable to make sound medical or financial decisions, we can help you take the necessary steps to establish guardianship and protect your loved one’s health and interests.

To schedule a consultation with a compassionate guardianship attorney, please call us in Crestview at 850-634-4656 or contact us via email. We proudly advise and represent families throughout Northwest Florida.

Who Is A Guardian?

Essentially, a guardian is a person who makes decisions and handles day-to-day matters for someone who cannot handle these things competently, perhaps due to illness or disability. In Florida, the person a guardian cares for is called a “ward.”

In most cases, the individuals who establish guardianship are:

  • Adult children of elderly parents
  • Parents of adult children with disabilities
  • Other family members who recognize a loved one’s incapacity or disability

If done early enough, creating powers of attorney can help the family avoid the cost and time of seeking guardianship.

What Are The Responsibilities?

Guardianship is court-supervised, and guardians are responsible for meeting annual reporting requirements. To become a guardian, you must take a class. If you have questions about any of these matters, we can help you understand the petition process and your responsibilities.

Parents of a disabled child may need to establish guardianship when the child turns 18. You cannot petition for guardianship until the child becomes a legal adult, but it’s important to know about this and be ready. You can prevent gaps in care for your child by being prepared on his or her 18th birthday.

For guardianship to be granted, the person to be cared for — the “ward” — must be examined by medical and social work professionals.

Schedule An Appointment With A Florida Guardianship Lawyer

You can contact us in Crestview by email or by calling 850-634-4656 . We would be honored to answer your questions and guide you through the guardianship process. We represent individuals and families throughout Northwest Florida.