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3 major causes of conflict and probate litigation

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2019 | Probate Litigation |

While blended families can create a lot of love, they can also create issues when a loved one passes away. Unfortunately, many cases of probate litigation involve tensions and accusations between stepparents and stepchildren after a biological parent passes away. If that parent also suffered from dementia, surviving family may feel an even greater urge to fight for what they believe are the rightful outcomes of probate.

Estate crimes, Alzheimer’s disease and widowed stepmothers are considered three major factors in estate disputes. When a Florida resident becomes cognitively impaired through a disease like Alzheimer’s, it is easier for him or her to be taken advantage of by others. As a result, it is not unusual for accusations of undue influence to result, and in some cases, biological children may make such accusations against stepparents or even vice versa.

Estate crime involves someone unlawfully taking another person’s assets while that person is still alive. People in positions of power, such as personal representatives and caretakers, often have access to an individual’s accounts or personal items. As a result, it could be easy for deceitful people in these positions to steal from the estate and for beneficiaries to have to resort to legal action in efforts to get assets back or at least obtain compensation.

Probate litigation can cover a wide variety of issues that may stem from a remaining estate. Florida residents who feel as if something has gone amiss with their loved ones’ estate may find it useful to receive an assessment of their concerns from legal professionals. Attorneys experienced in probate proceedings and litigation can help interested individuals understand their options.

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