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Do-it-yourself estate planning features pitfalls

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2019 | Estate Planning |

It might be tempting for some individuals in Florida to create their own wills without professional guidance. However, estate planning can be a complicated process, even for those who do not feel that they have a significant number of assets. For this reason, hiring an attorney to help with the estate planning process is a smart idea.

Some online users may choose to download estate planning forms that are available online, then complete these forms to the best of their knowledge. However, one of the biggest problems with putting together a do-it-yourself (DIY) estate plan is that there are strict laws in place concerning the creation and execution of wills. If an estate owner does not develop and execute his or her will properly, the probate court will not view it as a valid document when he or she dies.

When people try to create their own estate plans, their efforts are similar to those who try to handle their own home remodel projects. If homeowners are not savvy in the area of home improvement, they might ruin their homes rather than improving them. Likewise, people who err in the estate planning process may ultimately fail to protect their assets after they die.

An attorney, however, can help estate owners in Florida to take the necessary estate planning steps to safeguard their assets. For instance, the attorney can produce documents for them that meet their unique needs — a far safer situation than using cookie-cutter documents that may not reflect a person’s individual situation. An estate planning attorney’s main goal is to make sure that the client’s wishes and best interests are protected long term.

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