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Keeping estate planning documents safe is critical

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2019 | Estate Planning |

Individuals in Florida typically see the value of storing their critical documents in safe places. These documents range from birth certificates to passports, for example. Likewise, it is important that estate planning documents are maintained properly. Here are a couple of important steps for securing wills and other related documents.

For starters, people who create estate plans would be wise to tell others, such as their loved ones, where these plans are being stored. This is vital because documents like powers of attorney, powers of attorney for health care and living wills might be needed right away. Furthermore, filing a will with the local probate court might be necessary after the will creator passes away.

In addition, after creating estate plans, individuals may want to keep the originals with their attorneys. In this way, asset holders can always have access to their documents even if their personal copies of the documents were to be destroyed, for example. Creating an electronic version of a will and other estate planning documents is also a beneficial move.

Drafting estate planning documents and maintaining them in secure locations can certainly feel like daunting tasks. It is for this reason that many individuals postpone estate planning and even fail to do it altogether. Fortunately, though, an attorney in Florida can help with creating estate plans that reflect the clients’ wishes, as well as keeping them secure. With a solid estate plan, an asset owner can protect his or her assets long-term by making sure that they do not end up in unintended hands when they die.

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