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Misunderstandings about estate planning can be risky

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2019 | Estate Planning |

People often put off making plans for the future, or they may think that their previous efforts to get protections in place were sufficient. Misunderstandings about the estate planning process are widespread, and they can be costly for Florida heirs and beneficiaries down the road. It is worthwhile to review plans to ensure that certain mistakes and incorrect assumptions do not cause problems down the road.

One of the most common misunderstandings about estate planning is that it is assuming death is forthcoming or that drafting a will is somehow tempting fate. This is simply not true. Planning for the future is smart and practical for people of all income levels and estate needs. Another incorrect assumption that people have is that their estate plan cannot or should not be changed once it is in place. In reality, significant life changes likely necessitate updates and adjustments to an existing estate plan.

People also often misunderstand how drafting a will works or what steps they need to take to make sure their property passes as they wish after their death. In some cases, a basic will is sufficient, but in others, it may be beneficial to have a trust to protect and set aside certain assets. Finally, people misunderstand the importance of taking estate planning steps as soon as possible.

It is not always easy to think about what protections and plans a person may need in the future. This is why a Florida adult may want to speak with an experienced estate planning attorney regarding what may be important for his or her unique situation. It may also help to discuss concerns and misunderstandings about this process as well. 

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