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Buying property sight-unseen is part of the wild real estate market ride

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2021 | Residential Real Estate |

Only a few short years ago, buying a property located out of state without first viewing the home in person was considered too risky to contemplate. Now, however, in one of the tightest sellers’ markets in recent history, homebuyers are getting creative in their desperation to find the real estate of their dreams.

Such is especially true here in the Florida Panhandle where real estate is considered to be a major investment as both a home and as commercial properties for rent and lease. If you are from out of state and seeking a vacation home along the Emerald Coast, you may not have the time to do a deep dive into properties in the area.

How you can still wind up with a good deal buying sight unseen 

Virtual tours of the properties you are considering can give you a good idea of the features they have. Unlike simple photos, these videoed tours give a better sense of scale and size and can highlight amenities.

But they can also be used to downplay negatives, like future plans to build a high-rise condo that will totally block your ocean view. That’s why out-of-state property seekers should exercise their due diligence and engage the services of both a local realtor and a reputable legal counsel to help you navigate the shoals of buying a property sight-unseen that is located out of state.

The sums you expend on these commissions and legal fees will be money well-spent should a hitch be discovered in your plans to purchase a home.

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