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Are cracks in the walls of a property a serious issue? 

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2022 | Residential Real Estate |

You’re searching for a new home and the ideal property has come up. You’d like to put an offer in but there are a few question marks. 

When looking around the house, you’ve noticed cracks in the walls. Could these be serious and is it a sign that you should walk away from the deal this time? 

How wide are the cracks? 

Most houses will have an odd crack here and there, particularly if the building is older. Small cracks which have a width of no more than a millimeter or two are generally not a big problem. You had plans to redecorate when moving in any way. 

Larger cracks, on the other hand, could be a sign of something more serious. Cracks with a width of 5mm or more might require a professional contractor to carry out repairs, which can be expensive. 

Signs of structural damage 

Cracks in the walls that have a width of 20mm or more could indicate serious issues with the foundations and structure of the building. These cracks may even extend to the exterior walls. This is typically not an easy fix and the damage may not be repairable at all. 

Protecting yourself legally 

Sellers are required to disclose anything that could place you in danger or severely devalue the property. They are not allowed to deceive you when it comes to these factors. If you have been defrauded or want to walk away from a deal, make sure you seek some legal guidance

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