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A Will Can Clarify Your Wishes

Drafting a valid, enforceable will is a foundational step in any effective estate plan. However, Gallup polling has shown that less than half of American adults have an up-to-date will in place.

At Ryan M. Mynard, Attorney at Law, P.A., we want to help you be the exception. We can help you draft a will and other estate planning documents that ensure your wishes are respected — and that your assets are passed to your heirs accordingly.

To arrange a consultation with an experienced estate planning lawyer, please call us in Crestview at 850-634-4656 or contact us via email. We advise and represent clients throughout Northwest Florida.

Why A Will Is So Important

Few people want to dwell on the thought of their own passing, and it’s common for people to assume there will always be time to create an estate plan. But, of course, many people never get around to doing that. If you pass without a valid, up-to-date will, your family members may be left struggling to put the pieces together.

In the absence of a will, the state court system will be forced to take charge of what would otherwise be your personal financial matters. Not having a will in place also results in confusion, drama and tension among family members in a time of grief. This can lead to outcomes that may be diametrically opposed to what you would have wanted, even if your wishes were verbally expressed.

If you pass without a will, various surviving family members may have to navigate the probate process and even litigate against one another to determine who should be the personal representative of the estate. Needless to say, this can be heartbreaking for families.

What Can A Will Do?

At Ryan M. Mynard, Attorney at Law, P.A., we work with individuals and families to create wills that avoid problems and honor legacies. Creating a will — or revising an existing will — does not have to be complicated. Working with our estate planning team can ensure that your will is not only valid and enforceable under Florida law — but also supports your overall estate planning goals with regard to your family’s future.

By creating a will, you can leave clear instructions regarding:

  • Who should act as your personal representative in overseeing and managing your estate. (This person could be a family member, friend or professional representative.)
  • The nature and location of all assets and debts
  • How your debts should be paid upon your death
  • Who should receive your assets and on what terms
  • How other estate planning instruments ( living trusts, for example) should be utilized to honor wishes for your loved ones

Customizing A Plan To Meet Your Needs

Many people hesitate to create a will because they are not sure about what assets will exist at their passing or who they want to be their heirs. If these are your concerns, we can help. By working with our estate planning team, you can create a valid, enforceable will that provides clear instructions for your current situation — while also building in flexibility for possible changes in assets and beneficiaries. Furthermore, you always have the option of creating a new will or updating your current one if your circumstances change.

Many people find that taking the relatively simple action of creating a will helps them to explore more comprehensive wealth-creating strategies. Our estate planning team can guide you through your options for building lasting abundance and security for your family and loved ones.

Creating durable powers of attorney is another way to ensure that your wishes are respected and your affairs are kept in order.

Schedule An Appointment

To begin the process of creating a will — or to speak about any estate planning concerns you may have — please call us in Crestview at 850-634-4656 or send us an email. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.