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Building Your Future

Attorney Ryan Mynard and his team have been helping residents across the state of Florida in planning for their future and that of their families for over 15 years through the execution of estate planning strategies that provide for their loved ones, preserve wealth, limit delay and expense in distribution, and plan for medical and financial contingencies. In addition, Mr. Mynard and his team effectively and efficiently represent the interests of all relevant parties in probate proceedings to ensure that assets are fairly and comprehensively distributed to the appropriate parties through a will or other testamentary device, or according to state law where no will is in place.

Creating Long-term Peace of Mind

A primary aspect of estate planning is creating a will that is both valid under Florida law and which fully distributes all assets to intended beneficiaries in your life in a way that is clear and avoids controversy and legal problems down the road. Whether you have never created a will before or seek to create a new will or codicil, Mr. Mynard will work with you to create a will or other testamentary instrument (including trusts) that fully covers your current and future assets and provides for all beneficiaries for years to come.

In addition, Mr. Mynard will work with you and family members to create estate planning documents which also provide for your ongoing needs through appropriately and effectively designating individuals to make financial and medical decisions on your behalf via a durable power of attorney, a living will, and/or health care surrogate designation.

Representing Your Interests in Probate

Mr. Mynard and his team represent all interested parties through the Florida probate process, which often factors into Florida estate proceedings regardless of whether or not there was a will. Through the probate process, a judge and personal administrator will make decisions regarding what parties should receive a deceased individual’s property based on the will, other estate planning instruments, and/or state law. Thus, having personal representation is often key to obtaining justice in probate.

Whether you are a family member of a deceased person or you otherwise believe you are entitled to property from that person’s estate – either through a promised gift or a debt obligation – Mr. Mynard and his team can represent your interests in probate to work towards timely and comprehensive distribution in your favor. In addition, Mr. Mynard provides counsel to persons wishing to avoid or minimize probate of their estates.