Month: February 2018

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When Can a Trust Be Revoked in Florida?

Trusts are often a critical component of estate planning, as they provide numerous benefits that go above and beyond what is available through a will. Among other things, a trust allows you to: 1) pass assets both during your lifetime and after; 2) avoid having your assets stuck in a probate court, litigated over by […]

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Giving Away Property Already Listed in a Florida Will

It is a common occurrence for a person who has listed property in a will to end up giving that property away (or selling or otherwise losing the property, for that matter) before their passing. This could occur for a wide variety of reasons, such as: You give the property away forgetting it was in […]

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Preferences Between a Mother and Father in a Florida Custody Case

It is an enduring myth that Florida courts will prefer the mother over the father in a custody matter, regardless of whether the parents were ever married. Although there may be some perceived bias on the part of some judges who make these determinations, Florida law requires that judges cannot prefer one parent over another […]

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Challenging a Will in Florida Probate Based on Undue Influence

Applying pressure to an elderly person to get him or her to change a will in your favor – whether the actor applying the pressure is a family member, friend, service worker, stranger, or otherwise – is sadly not just the stuff of soap operas and tabloids. It happens quite frequently, with elderly and/or ill […]

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