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Understand the closing process for a new home

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2020 | Residential Real Estate |

The final step toward owning a home is the closing process. During this time, you will sign all the documents to finalize the deal, and you’ll make the payments necessary for the process to finish. From the time that your offer on the house is accepted until you have the closing, you’ll be able to prepare for it. Make sure you do this properly so that you don’t have any unforeseen issues as you complete the purchase of your home.

Before the closing, you will need to have an inspection on the home. This is a chance for a professional to let you know if there is anything is amiss before you complete the purchase. If there is something wrong with the home, you need to have it included in writing in the inspector’s report so that you can approach the seller to find a solution for the problem.

You also need to review the loan documents, which may require you to submit certain pieces of information like proof of income and insurance. Your loan company will alert you to anything that you need.

Approximately 24 hours before the closing, you will do a walk-through of the home. This is your chance to ensure that the sellers left in suitable condition. You shouldn’t rush through the walk-through, so take your time and test things, such as major appliances.

You’ll have to pay closing costs at the closing. This will amount to around 3 to 4% of the home’s purchase price. Prior to the closing, you’ll have to review the Closing Disclosure to ensure that it matches the financial responsibilities you were told to expect.

Your attorney can go over all the documents with you to ensure that they are all written properly. This can help save you from issues down the road.

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