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3 things to remember when buying a new home

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2023 | Residential Real Estate |

Buying a new home can feel a bit overwhelming, especially if it is your first time and you come across terms and concepts you were unaware of.

You cannot afford to let the occasion get the better of you, so learning from the common mistakes that others make can increase the chance you make wise choices and secure an appropriate home.

1. Focus on structure over decoration

Sellers and their real estate agents may dress up a property to increase interest. Alternatively, the owner may just have great taste in design. Do not let a nice coat of paint, some carefully placed baskets and artful furniture staging have too much influence on your decision to buy. Your priority has to be the structural soundness of the property and any external factors that could pose a threat or affect value. Those Ralph Lauren furnishings aren’t gonna be worth much if the roof leaks and soaks them.

2. Don’t assume it is a forever home

Things change. While you may never imagine yourself moving from this home, at some point you may need or want to. That’s when the resale value is going to matter. However much you love a home, or however much of a bargain it is, you need to consider how its value will shift over time. Otherwise, you could find yourself stuck there forever because you can’t afford to move out.

3. Make sure you get qualified advice

Getting help to search for a home is optional, but it can make the search easier. Getting help to handle the legalities of a purchase is crucial. 

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